Pros of Fremont School Districts: 11 Ways Fremont Schools are Better

Pros of Fremont School Districts: 11 Ways Fremont Schools are Better

The Fremont Unified School District is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and serves a diverse population of over 35,000 students. The district offers many benefits for its families that make it an attractive option for parents considering their children’s educational options. Here are some of the many advantages that Fremont Schools offer.

Quick Stats About Fremont School District

District size: 43 schools
Grades: K-12
Enrollment: 35,132 students
Student-Teacher Ratio: 24:1
Minority Enrollment: 91%
Graduation Rate: 93% (Top 30% in CA)
Overall District Rank: Top 5%
Math Proficiency: 73% (Top 5%)
Reading Proficiency: 78% (Top 5%)
Source: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), CA Dept. of Education

11 Advantages of Fremont Schools

Outstanding Academic Programs: The district boasts strong academic programs with a wide range of course offerings and extracurricular activities. Students can take advantage of the district’s Advanced Placement (AP) classes, language immersion options, fine arts courses, and specialized programs.
Smaller Class Sizes: Fremont schools offer smaller class sizes than the state average, which allows for more individualized attention to each student. Studies have shown that students perform better in smaller class sizes with personalized instruction and support from their teachers. One survey found that nine in 10 teachers said that smaller classes would strongly boost student learning.
Extensive Online Resources: The district library provides a wealth of online resources for students and parents, including databases, e-books, virtual field trips, and college preparation materials.
Safety & Security: Safety is a top priority for Fremont schools—the district has implemented extensive safety protocols at each campus, including secure access points, surveillance cameras, and a strong relationship with local law enforcement. For coronavirus concerns, testing opportunities are available for staff and students. The coronavirus protocol is located here.
Excellent Community Support: The Fremont community is extremely supportive of its schools. Parents are actively involved in the district through programs like the Curriculum & Instruction Advisory Committee, the District English Learner Advisory Committee, the Joint Meeting Fremont City Counsel and Fremont Unified School District Board, the Native American Studies Program, the Special Education District Advisory Committee, and other volunteer opportunities.
Wide Range of Extracurriculars: The Fremont district offers an extensive range of extracurricular activities, from robotics and debate teams to music and sports. This provides students with the opportunity to explore interests outside of the classroom and develop their skills in a supportive environment.
Highly Qualified Teachers: The district is committed to providing its students with highly qualified teachers who are well-equipped to meet the needs of each classroom. The district offers professional development and supports its teachers in their efforts to improve student achievement.
Access to School Counselors: The district employs a full-time, dedicated staff of school counselors who are available to support students and families. The counselors can provide assistance with college applications, career planning, social and emotional issues, and more.
Diverse Student Body: Fremont schools serve an incredibly diverse student body—the district has the highest percentage of minority enrollment in Alameda County. This provides students with an enriching cultural experience, broadening their worldviews and preparing them for life in a globalized world.
Free/Reduced Lunch Program: The district offers a free/reduced lunch program for qualifying students, as well as breakfast programs for middle and high school students. These are just a few of the ways that Fremont schools are working to ensure all students have access to healthy meals.
Inclusive Environment: The district is committed to creating an inclusive, safe environment for all students, no matter their background. Fremont schools host workshops and forums on diversity and inclusion, as well as provide cultural awareness training programs for staff.

Great Education Leads to Well-Rounded Individuals

Fremont schools offer students a high-quality education with plenty of resources, extracurricular activities, and support. The district is committed to providing its students with the best educational experience and creating an environment that is safe, inclusive, and welcoming for all. With smaller class sizes and highly qualified teachers, Fremont schools are well-equipped to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s world and beyond.
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